paver washing sealing

Paver Washing Sealing

Paver washing sealing is critical to the porous surface of your pavers as they provides the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. That’s why it’s so important to invest in your investment with Magic Bubbles paver cleaning and sealing services. With our patented process, we lock in the color of your pavers, make cleaning easier, and put your mind at ease knowing mold and bacteria are gone for good.

Pressure washer Miami follows a tried and tested method to paver washing sealing. First, is pressure washing the entire surface area. After this, let them dry up over night. Next make sure there is no loose sand between the joints as pressure washing inevitably blows out some of the sand previously installed between your pavers. Finally, we apply the sealer, either with a spray or roller. We normally spray on sealers as they coat the pavers in  even layers. We avoid spraying the sealer on too thick as this can create a white look once dry.

We recommend re-sealing every year or two depending on the traffic the pavers carry or if they are around your pool exposed to pool chemicals like chlorine. This creates a breaking down or thinning of the seal cover allowing the pavers to mark or stain.

Sealer can rejuvenate and bring back to life old pavers that haven’t been cleaned or sealed in a long time. The sealer creates a glossy look that brings out and accentuates the true color of the pavers. If possible, its always a good idea that you seal soon after new pavers have been laid.

Review by Robert R. in Boynton Beach, FL
: “ Magic Bubbles showed up on time, power washed my house and patio and were gone within an hour. They run a quality organization and their prices are great. It’s actually more efficient to have them do it and I have my own power washer!