About Us

Unbelievably Clean! Pressure Washer Miami is a owner owned and managed franchise of Magic Bubbles. We offer pressure washing that goes on and beyond the norm. No magic wands or deceit — simply impeccable, honest, customized service exploiting the industry’s finest cleansing instruments and washing products using state of the art designed trucks.

Magic Bubbles began with some strategic door-to-door promotions in 2007 and quickly evolved into Florida’s premier pressure washing company. Since our initial workplace location in 2010, we’ve continued to grow and expand, adding the foremost trained professionals and progressive trucks, to produce top-notch client service and satisfaction. Due to our continued success, we’ve been featured on the Florida news as a “Business to Watch” and additionally on the “Best Businesses to work For” list. Our franchising model kicked off in 2016 and we currently have territories throughout the state.


  • Licensed and fully insured!
  • A fleet of brand new state of the art trucks equiped with the the latest cleaning tech and finest cleaning supplies
  • Our staff are professional, well trained and reliable
  • We offer soft or low-pressure washer cleaning for guaranteed longer lasting results without causing damage.
  • With Magic Bubbles YOU the customer comes FIRST, our number ONE priority
  • Cleaning with us is easy, a live person on every call, quick and accurate quotes over the phone, email reminders for your convenience, and outstanding service every time!

Unbelievably Clean!

Magic Bubbles Pressure Washer - What to expect?

We pride ourselves in our work and strive to assist you in keeping your property clean. Once we schedule your callout, you will receive an email reminder the day prior to your appointment. Check the address and arrival time to make sure it is as agreed. For non-membership customers who do not have us on their permanent gate list, we will need to be called in to all manned gates or provided with a gate code for unmanned gated communities. Please make sure we have this information prior to our appointment or this may result in your appointment being rescheduled or cancelled.

Weather Policy
Our pressure washer service can be done in rainy conditions. However, torrential rainfall, heavy lightning or strong winds may create unsafe conditions to perform pressure cleaning or low pressure roof washing work. Our office will inform you immediately should we need to cancel and/or reschedule your appointment.

Chemical Cleaning Policy
Our low pressure chemical treatment of your roof and other areas of your property may contain bleach. Our chemical detergents are the recommended method of roof manufacturers for sanitizing and the preferred method of cleaning. It removes and kills the Mold, Moss, Fungus, and Bacteria, allowing your property to stay cleaner on average up to 2-3 times longer than using just plain water pressure. During this chemical wash we take the appropriate precautions to prevent damage to surrounding structures, plants and landscaping. If necessary we will cover plants and surrounding landscaping, as with tarps and rinse all plant materials. We will bag gutters to collect run off from the roof cleaning. Magic Bubbles unfortunatley cannot be held accountable for gutters that are improperly sealed or leak at their joints and those that are not properly installed or gutter irrigation that goes into the ground.

What to expect from your wash
As a valued Magic Bubbles customer you can expect your home to look as good as the day it was built, we will provide you with a lawn sign describing the work which was done with date of service, description of service carried out, technician name and possible future recommendations or comments. We may also send you informative literature from time to time as well as discount coupons for your property future service.

  1. Drainage
    For hard ground surfaces we normally use a medium to high pressure washer system even if the low pressure chemical system is used first. There may be some puddles left behind after treatment depending upon the drainage of your property, we will strive to remove them before we leave. Sometimes however we cannot completely remove the standing water but it will dry up within a couple hours. Some of these puddles which remain may have dirt in them and these may need to be swept away on drying. These are areas like the base of driveways or corners of screen enclosures.
  2. Paver and Concrete Stains
    Concrete and pavers are porous and therefore the longer one allows an oil, rust or other stain to sit the deeper it seeps in and the more difficult it becomes with removal. So while we will remove most of your stains we cannot guarantee 100% removal of all stains. Chemical detergents we use contain degreaser tend to remove most stains but worst case you may be left with a slight shadow of where the stain once was. We use a specially formulated chemical for the removal of rust stains left by sprinklers on wall and concrete with a high success rate for this. Oil stains tend to be the most stubborn to remove with rust being the easiest. If you have rust that requires removal let us know before we visit as there is a nominal surcharge for this removal.
  3. Fertilizer Stains
    These stains are the most difficult to remove so depending what type of fertilizer has caused the surface stain and how long it has been left will dictate the success in removal.
  4. Roof Tiles
    There are many roof shapes, sizes and colors with a variety of roof materials such as shingles, clay tiles or concrete tiles. Roof tiles can become brittle over time and crack due to weathering. So the older the roof the longer it will have been exposed to the climate changes. These natural roof materials are subject to expansion and contraction and depending on the installation of the tiles, a  too tightly set roof could also cause tiles to crack over time.
  5. Screens
    Screens covering windows, outside pool or entertainment areas are cleaned using a low pressure washing method. Our screen washing method will not tear or rip screens if they have been installed correctly and are not weathered. Generally screens should last 5-10 years before they need attention or replacement.
  6. Accessories
    Since we use water and detergents for pressure washing we recommend clients remove fragile or delicate items such as lawn ornaments, small pot plants and furniture cushions to the inside of the home to prevent them being wet or damaged.